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How We Function

In response to a firm enquiry, a meeting will be arranged, in order to ascertain problem(s) requiring resolution, and other relevant issues.

On this basis, a brief report will be put together by MECI consultants, sketching out the nature of the assignment, pertinent tasks, time frame, fees etc.

Once agreement is reached, we embark on planning our activities, in order to deliver the needed results on time. Our client will be kept informed of progress, and indicative results will be discussed prior to finalization.

In cases of large and medium-sized assignments, reports and recommendations can be delivered in stages if required.

At MECI, we aim to control our fees and costs, while adhering to a high professional standard, in order to assist our clients to the highest possible degree.

Our objective is to provide a full service, from which our clients attain maximum advantage, so as to contribute to the long-term health and advancement of the organisations we serve.

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